Ann Creek AC130107-BL Chesham Shoe Women’s Blue

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Brand : Ann Creek
Model : AC130107-BL
SKU : 1368683

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Merchant : Hennis International Inc
Price List : 68.95
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Product Features

Ann Creek AC130107-BL Chesham Shoe Women’s Blue

Chesham is an easy slip-on, all-purpose walking shoe. The open mesh top breaths away moisture for a fresh and dry feeling. A crisscross elastic band adds extra style and provides a secure fit and the ribbed rubber sole offers extra traction.
Product Name : Chesham Shoe Women’s Blue
Brand Model : Ann Creek AC130107-BL
Product Keyword : Ann Creek,Casual,Shoes,Walking Shoes
Product Color : Blue

Product Information

Ann Creek – Chesham Shoe (Women’s) – Blue

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