Muck Boots TK2H-500 Tack II Hi Boot TK2H Women’s Black

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Brand : Muck Boots
Model : TK2H-500
SKU : 1545928

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Merchant : Cooperative Feed Dealers, Inc.
Price List : 135.95
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Product Features

Muck Boots TK2H-500 Tack II Hi Boot TK2H Women’s Black

The Muck Boot Tack II Hi Boot offers a slimming shape and make your feet feel comfortable throughout the day. They have 4mm of CR-flex foam for superior comfort and allow you to face moisture-heavy conditions without any fear. The airmesh lining pulls sweat away for extra comfort and breathability. The topline binding of these boots fit snugly, keeping warmth in and cold out. These boots are designed to help your feet stay comfortable no matter where you are. Great for running errands, or getting dirty in the stalls and the field, with an easily rinsable design.
Product Name : Tack II Hi Boot TK2H Women’s Black
Brand Model : Muck Boots TK2H-500
Product Keyword : Muck Boots,Boots,Casual,Shoes,Work Boots
Product Color : Black

Product Information

Muck Boots – Tack II Hi Boot TK2H (Women’s) – Black

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