Nurse Mates 238401 Louise Women’s Black

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Brand : Nurse Mates
Model : 238401
SKU : 256035

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Merchant : Lowell Shoe/H.H. Brown Shoe Co.
Price List : 82.95
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Product Features

Nurse Mates 238401 Louise Women’s Black

Heart shaped rubber outsoles provide the next generation of slip resistance. Leather uppers with stain resistant finish. Dryz footbeds prevent moisture and heat build-up that create odor causing bacteria. Gel beads heel cushion for added shock absorption.
Product Name : Louise Women’s Black
Brand Model : Nurse Mates 238401
Product Keyword : Nurse Mates,Casual,Shoes,Nurse Shoes
Product Color : Black

Product Information

Nurse Mates – Louise (Women’s) – Black

If you are someone that consider themselves as deal hunters, you probably possess scoured your area for brick-and-mortar establishments that provide low cost and competitively-priced shoes, totes and other apparels. Your Nurse Shoes are without a doubt one of the better footwear products to acquire if you are looking for a long lasting and protective item to prevent injuries for your feet. The Nurse Mates 238401 Nurse Shoes are well-suited with an array of jobs around the globe and they are fairly secure as well depending on how you acquire them and if they are in the right measurement or not. While Nurse Mates Nurse Shoes really are a little harder to buy, once you find a pair you undoubtedly like, they are for life. Chances are these are the simply models and the only brands you will constantly buy. First, you will need to consider the fabric. Textiles in general can make a shoe be or not constitute quality. One of the best method is Nurse Mates Louise Women’s Black 238401 which recommend for you personally. The materials you should be choosing from are suede, leather, and also gore-tex which is a type of rubberized, but much stronger than regular rubber. A few shoes might look nice and can take a beating, but after a few calendar months the joins come apart, the material wears through the padding and digs into your foot, there are a lot of things which can happen if the shoe just isn’t engineered just right. Another issue is about the comfortable of Louise Women’s. Comfort is the most important the answer to consider while getting any kind of footwear. If you know that a particular measurement shoe of a certain brand perfectly suits you than make sure that you buy the same size as well as brand so that your ft are at ease always. You can browse through the various sections of to look for the brand you wish to buy. If you believe more comfortable wearing level shoes, you can get trendy pair to fit your clothes. After all, style is as important as ease and comfort to sport that will cool look. Shopping online for Nurse Mates Louise Women’s 238401 is quick and convenient. It can be secure on a reputable web site. Looking for boot footwear online is not a difficult encounter.

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