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Academie Gear JOSH/CW-C-BGD Josh Boys’ Burgundy

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Academie Gear KRISTIN/CW-V-NVY Kristin Girls’ Navy

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Academie Gear CHEER/CW-V-NVY Cheer Girls’ Navy

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Academie Gear KRISTIN/AW-E-BLK Kristin Women’s Black

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Academie Gear HONOR/AM-E-BLK Honor Role Women’s Black

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Academie Gear JAMES/CM-C-DBK James Boys’ Dirty Buck

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Academie Gear CHEER/AM-E-BGWT Cheer Women’s Burgundy/White

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Academie Gear HONOR/AM-E-NVY Honor Role Women’s Navy

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Academie Gear JAMES/CM-V-BRNN James Boys’ Brown Nubuck Oil

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Academie Gear JAMES/CM-V-BLKN James Infant Boys’ Black Nubuck Oil

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